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PDF Tutorials

  • Using Anvil Studio's composer
  • Tip for changing a note's start time
  • Changing the volume of selected notes by a relative amount or to a constant
  • Correcting the alignment of notes recorded from a MIDI keyboard
  • Recording a MIDI track from an external keyboard using a VST-Instrument and correcting timing errors
  • Inserting new notes exactly where you want them
  • Tools for creating chords
  • Fastest way to enter lyrics
  • Swinging the 8th note
  • Conversion between .WAV files and .MP3 files
  • Easing eye strain
  • Recording a loud-enough audio track without distortion
  • Setting up cables for recording
  • Recording and editing automation data
  • Using the Flanger effect
  • Creating an Audio File Using Sounds from an External Synthesizer
  • Using Anvil Studio's Auxiliary Busses
  • Creating Patch Libraries for Anvil Studio

  • These tutorials have been submitted by Anvil Studio users.
    If you would like to add to this list, please email us at with Tutorial as the subject.

    YouTube Video Tutorials

  • Three minute version of "How to Make a Simple Rhythm Track" by Martin Flaxman
  • Tutorial 1 - How to make a simple rhythm track by Martin Flaxman
  • Tutorial 2 - Creating rhythm tracks using free midi files by Martin Flaxman
  • Tutorial 3 - Triplets by Martin Flaxman
  • Tutorial 4 - Copy and Paste with the Piano Roll Editor by Martin Flaxman
  • Tutorial 5 - Multi-Tracking your voice using Anvil Studio and Audacity by Martin Flaxman
  • Tutorial 6 - Multi-Tracking your voice in Anvil Studio by Martin Flaxman
  • Tutorial 7 - How to write a simple rhythm guitar track by Martin Flaxman (THIS IS REALLY GREAT)
  • Tutorial 8 - 5 minute version of how to make a guitar rhythm track by Martin Flaxman

  • Tutorial 1 (The Basics) by SuperComplexGames
  • General tutorial, 2008 version, Spanish by GersonMusik

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