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Combo Accessory Pack 1

The Combo Accessory Pack 1 includes the following accessories.
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Multi-Audio 1/8

Allows you to record and play songs with multiple audio tracks, limited only by your computer's memory.


Allows you to edit up to eight tracks at the same time on the Compose screen.


Supports non-destructive editing of each track's sound effects controls over time. For example, you could use it to gradually decrease the volume of a track at the end of a song, creating the effect of a moving fader.
It also lets you:
  • Use soundcards with low-latency ASIO drivers and load third-party VST effects.
  • Manage a graphical view of your MIDI setup.
  • Import Instrument Definition (.INS) files, and load and save Patch Libraries for a variety of synthesizers, sound modules, and effects processors. These allow you to use your synthesizer's patch names, controller names, and drum names, instead of the General Midi names.
  • connect each Instrument track to a different VST-Instrument,
  • connect each Instrument track to a different MIDI Out port, so a single song can be played on several synthesizers,
  • edit the values of any MIDI controllers such as Modulation, Tempo, Pan position, Sustain, and Volume over time.
  • edit an audio track's Pan position and Volume over time.
  • edit values of VST parameters over time,
  • use Automation to capture the position of faders and VST dials as you play / mix the song, and then use those changes every time the song is played.
  • use the ReWire standard for transferring audio data between Anvil Studio and other programs in real time. ReWire acts like a cable that streams audio from one program into another.
  • see a graphical view of your MIDI setup,
  • create your own Patch Libraries that describe your synthesizer's patch names, controller names, and drum names.
  • load Instrument Definition (.INS) files that describe your synthesizer's patch names, controller names, and drum names.
  • Add any number of routing commands that cause MIDI events received from any MIDI In port to get routed to any MIDI Out port or VST-Instrument port. This can be useful during either a recording session or live performance.

  • Music Exercises

    Provides a set of exercises for Interval recognition, Chord recognition, Rhythm, Scales, Ear and voice training.

    Copy Me

    Allows you to load any MIDI song file into Anvil Studio and learn how to play it on your keyboard by watching Anvil Studio play the notes on its on-screen piano keyboard. On your synthesizer keyboard, press the keys that Anvil Studio has drawn with green dots. Anvil Studio waits for you to press those keys before going on to the next step in the song. As soon as you press the correct keys, the next group of keys in the song are shown.

    Performance Toolpack 1

    Adds five additional tools to Anvil Studio's Perform screen, including real-time tools that let you control Arpeggio, Delay effects, Chord harmony, Modulation, Pitch Bend, Channel Volume, Panpot, Sustain and more.

    Purchased individually, this set of accessories would cost $124, but you can buy and download them for $59 by pressing the Order Accessories button, or you might consider Anvil Studio Works which includes all of these and more for $99.

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